Molly Miller

I have more than 10 years of experience in local news, starting as an overnight newsroom assistant at WJRT in Flint, Michigan and ending as the assistant news director for KSL in Salt Lake City.

I went on to create the communications department for Park City School District, then directed marketing and communications for a startup tech company as it moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Park City.

My experience is varied - but one thing has always been the same - I always wished for someone to help me figure out how to get what I wanted on personal, professional and financial levels. 

It's something I believe in so much that I walked away from a leadership role in order to provide services and support with the goal of helping badass women learn, grow and build up their lives and businesses.

I'm obsessed with books, reading, words and writing; I adore all babies but especially my own; I love coffee in all its glorious forms with no caveats; I enjoy baking but not cleaning up and I really like the idea of exercising. 

I'll try just about anything once, and firmly believe that the only difference between adventure and disaster is attitude (or a casualty).